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About Us

About Dr. Henderson

In 1993, at the age of 22, Jenna Henderson was struck with the rare kidney disease, focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS). She spent three years with mainstream medicine trying desperately to save her kidneys. When she was told that dialysis was imminent, she looked to a variety of practitioners of alternative medicine. Although the damage to her kidneys was extensive at that point and she could not undo the scarring of her kidneys, she was able to prolong the time before dialysis was necessary by changing her diet and using natural supplements.

While on dialysis, Jenna searched for the best of alternative medicine to give her more energy, protect her heart and reverse bone loss. The information was not readily available, but she did her own research and found a protocol that worked. All around her in the dialysis clinic, patients were sufferring and many of them passed away. 'What would it take to make information about alternative medicine readily available to kidney patients?' she thought. 'And how much more effective could I be if I had the proper educational background?'

Jenna enrolled in naturopathic medical school at the University of Bridgeport. People told her she would never make it. After all, she was being kept alive by a machine, and medical school is grueling work. Jenna pressed on and took a leave of absence when her kidney transplant came through. But she graduated president of her class in medical school and wrote a doctoral thesis about the safety of herbal medicine with transplanted organs.

Today Dr. Henderson consults with kidney patients all over the world. People seek her out as a world class authority on safe alternative medicine for kidney disease. Dr. Henderson has been through the process first hand and brings her passion for vibrant health to all her kidney consultations. Dr. Henderson sees patients in her NYC office and does long distance consults by telephone. Hundreds of people follow her entries on her facebook page Holistic Kidney. She has completed a manuscript of a book on kidney disease that is expected out soon.

Dr. Henderson is a member of the following organizations:

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians


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photographed by Truus Teeuwissen

"Words cannot express the gratitude my renal insufficiency patients and I feel for Dr. Jenna Henderson. I practice integrative medicine in Vancouver, BC, Canada and had a couple of difficult renal insufficiency cases that were not responding to any drugs or treatments. I called upon Dr. Henderson and after discussing the details of my cases and prevalent laboratory work with her, she created a treatment plan that has helped my patients dramatically. Both patients now have a better quality of life and continue to do extremely well. I urge all doctors, who's specialty is not Nephrology and kidney disease patients to seek the assistance of Dr. Jenna Henderson. She is a wonderful wealth of knowledge, expertise and warmth."

Dr. Lamise Elkhalil
Medical Director
Willow Integrative Clinic
Vancouver, BC